"A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders." - Larry Elder


We are still dedicated to building an Indoor range in or near Mansfield. We've gone through a bunch of challenges but our vision has never been stronger. Keep an eye out for future updates.


A lot of good things have been happening here at SkyRaider Arms. But the best thing to have happened in a long time, is we have found a property on which to place our range. We are in negotiations now with the owner, and hopefully will be able to reveal the address of the property and give a solid date upon which we can occupy the property. Even after we occupy, there will be months of hard work to be done before we can open up a Gun Range.

But this is the best news we have ever had to reveal. If all goes well, we will have a range by the end of the year, hopefully during the summer months.

Now is definitely the time people should be considering range memberships. Lifetime memberships are limited. Once we sell out they will not be offered again at this price. With Tax season upon us, income tax would be a good way to pay for the Membership.


We just met with the developer and we have definitely moved to the right location. Right now I can confirm that our 2 year plan is accurate. However, if things move in a positive direction, we may be seeing a range built within 6 months to a year. More than that I cannot say.

I will tell you that all the members who have requested a refund have been paid. If anyone still wishes to turn in their membership you will get your deposit within 2 weeks.

How much will you spend in your lifetime on range fees? Consider purchasing a lifetime membership. There are still slots available, but this offer is for a limited quantity. The lifetime membership will also give you access to any range built in the future with SkyRaider Arms. Something to think about.


WE'VE MOVED! We are in our new location. We are up and open, so come on in and say hello!


WoW! Updates just a Month Apart!  - We have located a parcel to build on, but since we have to build from scratch it will cost considerably more than it would have originally. I'm offering LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIPS for $1000. There will only be a limited amount available. Current member certificate holders will be offered a special price and need to call us for details. You've loyally stuck with us and deserve a break on the actual cost of a lifetime membership.

What does Life Time Membership mean? You never have to pay to use the gun range, ever. If its busy we ask that you limit your time to 1hr, then return after other customers have used the range. We will also offer a 3 year limited guarantee with the purchase of a Life Time Membership. If we close the range within 3 years of opening (not 3 years of purchasing), you get your money back. Whatever price you paid will be refunded to you.

After we have obtained sufficient funds to begin the engineering process (which is the beginning of construction - a process we started at our Industrial Address but was cut short since the landowner rescinded his offer to build) we will stop the Life Time Membership offer. I'm expecting it will be just 6 months after that point before we open the range.

The range - as is our new office - will be just outside Mansfield along FM917. More information will follow in the coming months.


WE ARE MOVING! SkyRaider Arms is moving to a new location with a better opportunity to build a gun range. I cant divulge any details now as we are still in talks. But what I can say is that we are moving to the outer edge of Mansfield on 917. See our home page for details of the new location. Its a larger store area, two separate classrooms and a much easier to find location.

Those who have purchased memberships and still have them, THANK YOU! I really appreciate your support and encouragement. We will be bringing back a membership program that you can participate in as well, if you choose. The information should be available within the next couple of months. You'll see it here first as we will not divulge the information until it is posted.


Its official. The landowner has rescinded his offer to build a range in these warehouses. We will be searching for a new location and will keep everyone updated. Hopefully with more frequent information.


Did I ever mention I'm a terrible business man?

If Not, let me admit it here and now, I'm still learning this business. I take full responsibility for not having the range completed by now. Its certainly hurting my business not having a range of our own. I'm the type that takes peoples word as honest and dependable, until they have proven that they are neither. I think I need to alter that somewhat. I have.

We are still on terminal hold in regards to the range. I have the materials located, I have the plans all drawn up with. It seems the landowner, after inviting us to build at his facility one and a half years ago, finally looked into his liability insurance and was told he cant have a range on his property. He told me that he is looking for another insurance underwriter, at vastly increased cost I'm sure.

Until he figures that issue out, we will be looking for another property to build an indoor range on. We are building, its just unclear when, or even where. I lost almost 2 years thinking it was clear to have a range on the property we are now located on. 

We are honoring the memberships sold for those that desire a 3/5 yr membership, and refunding any who feel the wait is too great. Just give us 2 weeks to process the refund. Bring in your certificate with ID, or your ID and we'll give you a refund, after its been processed. Memberships are no longer being offered. Once we know which direction we will proceed, the 3yr or less may return.

Anyway, that is where the range is. We could be told to proceed at any minute or we'll tell everyone that we are buying our own property. Either way, we have every intention of building an indoor gun range in Mansfield.


We are excited to announce construction has begun at SkyRaider Arms. We are expanding our Office/Classroom area and constructing the Range.

As such the pre-construction range membership of 103.50 is officially over. Range memberships can still be purchased for $175.00/year per person. Children will always be free when accompanied by an Adult member. We are limiting the age of children to 8 years or older.

For those who have purchased pre-construction memberships with a 3 or 5 year duration, your membership begins the day you come in to obtain your membership card. You cannot obtain membership cards until we open the range to the public. We will have a pre-opening ceremony to which all members will receive a special invitation to come and view our range, and shoot.

Feel free to stop in and talk to us at any time. Again, our deepest appreciation to all those members who have stood beside us during this lengthy waiting period. You have been an encouragement to us to continue to pursue this dream.

If anything should happen and you wish to turn in your 3 or 5 year membership for a full refund, be advised it may take up to 2 weeks to return the funds to you.


 Here we are. On the Cusp of July. We will begin construction of the expanded Training Center/Store and Gun Range in July. I hope to have the Range completed by September, but that may be wishful thinking. I'm certain it will be open by the end of the year.

This dream has been a long time coming. 3 years ago we dreamt of having a gun range. We realized that it would be much easier for my students if we could provide both instruction, and a place to shoot in one location. I was also painfully aware that Mansfield needs a location for individuals to go and shoot. This is what we are providing. When we started this venture, we had no idea where the funding would come from nor where the facilities would be located. We can honestly state that our God has provided everything we have needed to see this happen. We give Him full credit for fulfilling the vision He gave to me.

We will start out with our Pistol lanes and with good stewardship from the Blessings we receive, we will grow over time ( 5 - 10 yrs.) into a facility that houses indoor Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun courses as well as a Tactical Arena.

We wish to thank everyone who has purchased a range membership. You have shared this vision with me to bring a shooting range to Mansfield. Unknown to you, your trust in me has strengthened my desire to see this through to its fruition. I want y'all to know, that should disaster fall and insurmountable roadblocks be placed in the path, we will honor your certificates with a full refund.

We do not envision this happening. Financing has been obtained and we are on track to begin our expansion. I'm excited and filled with anticipation to finally get this project started.


 One personal item to share and two topical issues. First the personal.

My bride of 11 years and I celebrated out 11th anniversary (Valentines Day) with all 8 of our children, along with 1 son-in-law, 1 soon to be daughter in law, 3 grandchildren and 1 mother-in-law. When we married 11 years ago not all of our children could attend, so we had a private ceremony with just a couple friends and no other family in attendance. It was our intention to repeat our vows that following summer with all of our children in attendance. Due to unforeseen circumstances it has take 11 years to get everyone together again. Finally my Bride and I were able to renew our vows (Jesse Tunnel of The Gathering in Brock, Texas - and former NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Student - go figure, a preacher with a gun!) at James McKnight Park West where a horse drawn carriage (if you were on Broad street last Friday around 3-4pm you would have seen us) conveyed my wife and I to the Reception in Western Style! Thank you to Tracy of Brazo's Carriage, Cleburne, Texas.

Joe's Family Restaurant hosted the evenings reception and provided the meal and drinks. A very large THANK YOU to Bobby, his wife Jackie and their staff for a wonderful evening filled with love, family and friends.

Now, on to the serious matters. 1st We have secured the majority of funding for the range. Range memberships will continue to be sold, but will soon be reduced in duration until we finally open. After that the price will go up and be limited to only 1 year.

2nd Now all we are waiting for is for city approval. The city can finally review all the plans once we get the mechanical drawings from the property owner.


Having discussed our plans with the property owner, it is time to present them to the city. We are delivering them there this afternoon for the cities consideration, and hopefully, quick approval. I cannot express the gratitude I have for everyone who has contributed to the membership program. Through the months we have slowly progressed toward this point, there have been discouragements. But it was your faith in us, displayed by your purchases, that propelled me through, and will continue to push me, toward fruition.

Once we receive approval from the city, and I am making no promises on when that will happen, the membership will remain at 103.50 per adult. The duration will shorten to 2 years. So far we have 5yr members, 3yr members and soon will offer only 2yr memberships. Your assumptions are correct, the closer we get to opening the membership duration will drop to 1yr, and then the price will increase to a level more in line with local area prices.

Once open, members will bring their legal ID into the office to be issued a membership card with their expiration date (the date you obtain your card, not the date we open for the public). If you have retained your certificate, bring that along, but if it has been lost, no worries. Your legal ID is what we will require.

This is getting very exciting for us. I have spend the last few weeks pricing materials to build the facility and I have to admit that my projections for materials are nearly spot-on.

Admittedly, this will not be the STATE-OF-THE-ART Premiere facility we may have become accustomed to hearing about (eg...Frisco, Houston, OKC) That facility is in our 5 year plan.

I'll blog more when there is more to blog about.


WE NOW HAVE OUR RANGE PLANS FROM THE ENGINEER. Thank you to Blake Wilson Engineering.


So, its been a couple months since my last entry. SkyRaider Arms and myself personally underwent a very trying time in the Month of September. Outside forces conspired to remove us from business. I am very happy to state that we have Prevailed over the attacks to the training portion of our business

The engineer is taking his sweet time about completing the plans. It is my intention to light a fire under his butt next week. Why wait? Because he is a very competent engineer and I know he is doing his best.

So, we are on track with our goal of completing the Range by next July. We can still meet our expedited goal of December, but we have to have a  massive influx of new members at this point.

Anyone with any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. I also want to send my sincerest THANK YOU to EVERYONE who had knowledge of our trials, and offered their prayers and support. It really meant the difference between struggliing forward or giving up completely.


We have had a very good month at SkyRaider Arms. Very busy with Training and Membership sales.

The engineer is focused on getting the plans to us by the End of August first of September. From there we take them to the City and detrmine what else the City will require. I have made contact with several contractors to begin improvements of the facility once we have approval by the City. We will need Masons, certified welders, certified electrical installers. If you know of anyone or are one yourself please contact SkyRaider Arms with the information.


Progress is coming along slowly. Plans are still at the Engineers. Until we get finalized plans and coordinate improvements with the owner of the property we cannot begin building the range. Membeships are still available.

Did I mention the price or duration of the offering can change without notice? I've already reduced the time from 5 to 3 years. The current offering is not set in stone and can change without notice. Right now its an unbelievable deal. Soon it may become believable. I will say we have sold more 3 year memberships than 5 year, so maybe reducing it to 2 years will see more sales? Just thinking outloud.


Received Preliminary drawings from the Engineer today. Reviewed them and sent off recommendations. I'm glad this is taking so long. It gives more time for people to join our membership.

If the range gets built before all the 3yr memberships are sold, the discounted price will be discontinued. This means there is still time to buy that membership. The sooner we sell all our memberships, the quicker the range goes in.


I've had a lot of questions, "Why wait on the Memberships to build your Gun-Range?" Well, I'm not waiting on memberships. I'm investing in it myself. I'm using my own surplus funds (what there is in todays economy) to build the Range. We have forgone buying new items such as a Much needed vehicle, appliances, bug-out equipment...in order to build the Range.

I went and sought out Financing. When I was told that "We do not loan money to company's within that VICE". I decided the Banksters really didn't need my interest payments on the loan. So the idea come upon me to offer a Really Sweet deal to individuals who would join me in the dream to build a Gun Range in Mansfield. Instead of paying the Bank Interest, your getting a great deal on a gun range membership.

$103.50 per adult. $207.00 for a family (couple) FOR 3 YEARS. Seems like a good idea to me.

We have had a very good response to our ads, and the membership offer is only for good until we are sold out or the range is open. After that memberships will increase to around or over $200.00/year.

Get them while you can, they are selling quick!

6-19-2013 -  Only 784 memberships remain

Well, I found an Engineer who is willing to take on the project! I can only give all the Praise and Glory to God above for sending them our way, thanks to a student in a recent class. This was the most daunting obstacle in the way. Now the rest is only Money and Time....The quicker we sell off Memberships, the Quicker the Gun Range is going to be completed.

6-17-2013 update

We have hit a snag in our plans. The City of Mansfield requires a Texas Board Certified Engineer to sign off on the drawings I have. This is a good thing! The City is very receptive to our goal of creating a safe shooting range within the city.

The snag is in finding a Civil or Structural Engineer who has the manly extensions within his own character and the simple intelligence it takes to understand ballistics. My Gracious People! This is not Rocket Science! Firearms and projectile technology and engineering have been around for Centuries! But talking to these lily livered, effeminate natured engineers you would think we were embarking on a mission to end all life or some unexplored dimension of human experience.

If anyone knows a Civil or Structural Engineer who is Texas Board Certified and has the moral character to be willing to look over my plans without raping us financially, please send them our way....

Good News on the Range.

We have procured a site within the complex we are currently located in. Projected Date for openning is December 1, 2013. This is not a hard date, and can be adjusted as necessary.

Once the Range is open the 3 year membership will disappear. A limited number of Memberships remain. The faster we sell the remaining Memberships, the faster the Range will be open. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY!

Basic Design of the Range (Plans are not final) 8 lanes for Pistol Caliber firearms. This is our Starter Range. We will expand as quickly as possible.