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Class size limited to 16 students. Payment of the deposit will ensure your seat in this class.             Minimum number of students - 1

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Choose which Basic class you need, and make a note of it when placing your deposit.

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NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course - Meets Several States CCW Training Requirements   

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This course is taught by one of our NRA Certified Instructors and meets the NRA training objectives and Standards.

Two Classes are Available for Basic Pistol

There is the FIRST STEPS course which is 4 hours long and teaches only 1 action type of Shotgun. This course is $50, select the deposit tab for payment.

Then there is the NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course which is 10 hours long and teaches everything from how to select a firearm to safe handling and shooting - to cleaning, maintaining and storage. If your new to firearm ownership, or deciding if owning a firearm is good for your family, this is the course to take. This course is $125.00. Select the full payment or deposit tab to secure your seat in this class.

This course includes:                                                                                                  Basic Shotgun Course Packet 

Hands-On Experience with a firearm

Payments are Non Refundable                                                   If you pay your fee but cannot attend this class due to unforeseen issues, All Deposits will be held indefinitely to apply for a future class of your choice.

The student can hold his seat with a $50.00 deposit and pay the balance at class time.

Total cost to Student = $125.00    

I will accept silver bullion in lieu of cash for payment. (rounds, bars or junk) Call for details

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$125.00 - Non refundable - Fees paid are not lost                                                         They can be applied to any future class desired

$50.00 Deposit - Non refundable - Fees paid are not lost                                          They can be applied to any future class desired